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Employer Retirement Plan Services

At GFP INVESTMENT SERVICES, we understand that there’s a certain level of mystery surrounding retirement planning, something which affects both employers and employees. That’s why we work with you to develop a blueprint for effective plan design, fiduciary governance, and retirement readiness. We will uncover your business’s needs and help you draft a strategy that aims to reduce fiduciary liability. Additionally, we will work to simplify the planning process for your employees through straightforward education.

We believe that employers lay the foundation of trust that give the employee the opportunity to develop and build their retirement savings through all financial seasons.


You control one of the most important retirement savings vehicles your employees will ever access. You also have a fiduciary responsibility to your plan participants to act in their best interests.

In 1974, lawmakers and congressional leaders passed the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA), a set of rules and regulations which laid the foundation for what would develop into the retirement plan industry. No one involved could have imagined at the time that those laws would create a $24 trillion-dollar retirement savings system covering nearly 80% of full-time working Americans, or that personal savings would become one of the primary savings vehicles for future retirees.1,2

Now, over forty years later, it’s clear to see how this dramatic and historic act has transformed the retirement landscape.

Fiduciary Governance

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Effective Plan Design

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Retirement Readiness

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Investment Company Institute. Retirement Assets Total $24.1 Trillion in First Quarter 2016. June 23, 2016.

American Benefit Council. 401(k) Fast Facts. April 2014.