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Plan Sponsor

As a plan sponsor, you have the ability to directly impact retirement outcomes. However, we understand that there can be a certain level of mystery surrounding retirement plans. That’s why GFP Investment Services will work with you to develop a blueprint for:

Fiduciary Governance

You control one of the most important retirement savings vehicles your employees will ever access. You also have a fiduciary responsibility to your plan participants to act in their best interests. In our discovery meetings with prospective clients, we discuss the building blocks of a structured fiduciary process and how it applies to your company’s plan. We will uncover your business’s needs and help you draft a strategy that aims to reduce fiduciary liability.

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Effective Plan Design

One plan design feature growing in popularity is auto-enroll, or QACA (Qualified Automatic Contribution Arrangement), which can provide a Safe Harbor to a plan sponsor in the form of a pass on coverage and deferral testing. It’s one of many design options we can discuss.

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Retirement Readiness

There are many reasons to sponsor a retirement plan, including deferral of taxable income and tax deductible contributions and tax credits for employers. However, the access to a convenient strategy to save for retirement is extremely important for everyone. Quality enrollment material with an emphasis on education is crucial to motivating every employee to start saving.

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