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It's Never Too Late

But the sooner you defer and the faster you increase deferral rates, the better your results could be.


Congratulations! If you are here at the participant hub, you are either already planning for retirement or about to get started.  If you are here to link to your recordkeeper site, click the button below.

Watch Your Savings Grow With Compound Growth

Contributing to your employer plan is the first step in retirement planning. The salary you defer should experience compounded, tax-deferred (or tax free if you are able to contribute to ROTH 401(k), until you need it for income when you retire.

Using Diversification to Manage Risk*

Choosing a broadly diversified portfolio, that utilizes concepts like rebalancing, can help reduce the volatility of your investment portfolio. Which creates potential for more consistent returns.



John Hancock Risk Quiz

You can determine your risk tolerance and choose a risk based asset allocation fund.

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Every recordkeeping platform helps you chose your investment in a different way. Assessing your risk tolerance is a good start.

Or, choose the year you think you will be able to retire, and use asset allocation in a target date strategy.  Each target date fund follows a glidepath that becomes more conservative (more bonds, less stocks) as you approach your retirement date.  All the time you participate you are dollar cost averaging, which can mean better average share prices as you buy into the market.

For more on individual investing and retirement planning, click below.

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