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At GFP Investment Services, our goal is helping you reach yours. Because we are a Retirement Plan Company, every relationship starts with an introduction to the importance of retirement planning. Even the simplest form of planning can make decision making about risk and strategy seem less daunting.

Whether it’s in an employer plan, or individual accounts like IRAs, for most, the goal is preparing for retirement. There might be college education to pay for or a child’s wedding in between, but eventually, everyone must focus on how to create retirement income-and how much they need to save. 

Of course, adopting solid investment strategies and understanding investment platforms and fees are all important topics to consider. Advisory platforms are offered through the largest independent broker/dealer in the country, LPL Financial.

When you commit to retirement planning, the upfront work is the toughest. Learning how retirement expenses and income are related can open of new door to understanding how accumulation (saving and investing) translates to distribution (income) in retirement.

Retirement Tools

GFP Investment Services will provide the tools to gather the personal data we’ll need to create your customized retirement illustration. The Fact Finder and Expense Worksheet are the first steps. Consider it homework that will pay back dividends in the future.


We utilize a sophisticated retirement planning software called WealthVision, which is interactive and illustrative.  It enables us to review limitless retirement scenarios. Updating your plan and viewing all of your investment accounts, no matter where they are, is easy with the fully accessible WealthVision website.

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The Riskalyze Assessment is an interactive, educational method to help you better understand how to measure your risk tolerance. Once the number is in, we can help you figure out how that number can apply to your portfolio as we help you build your investment strategy.

What's Your Risk Number?

In-Depth Investment Strategy Proposals

After reviewing your Retirement Plan, an investment proposal will help to evaluate future investment stratgies for each of your accounts.

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