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Fiduciary Governance

In 1974, lawmakers and congressional leaders passed the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA), a set of rules and regulations which laid the foundation for what would develop into the retirement plan industry. In delivering retirement plan services, GFP Investment Services focuses on helping your company adhere to these rules and regulations.

Read About Your Fiduciary Responsibility

  Client Centered

Our process begins with a conversation: we discuss the building blocks of a structured fiduciary process and how it applies to your company’s plan.

Whether it’s evaluating investment platforms, helping to develop a process for compliance, or ensuring you understand your responsibilities as a plan sponsor, our focus is on reducing your fiduciary liability exposure.

GFP Investment Services can provide retirement plan support, independent consulting, and fiduciary assistance for qualified plans through the following services:

  • Fiduciary responsibility and management assistance
  • Investment selection and monitoring assistance
  • Vendor and fee analysis
  • Employee education

A sound fiduciary governance process creates the foundation necessary to operate a retirement plan under best practices. We help you follow a documented fiduciary process that promotes best practices: Organize, Formalize, Implement, and Monitor.

We empower decision-makers with knowledge and information to make informed decisions about:

  • Overall plan costs
  • Service provider offerings
  • Plan design assessment
  • Investment lineups
  • Fund performance
  • Transactional compliance
  • Recordkeeper analysis